In the village where we serve, many adults pick up different bad habits, including gambling, drinking, etc. It is very difficult to help the adults to have changes. On the contrary, the children are like a blank sheet of paper: as long as they are taught well, they can learn the correct values. We are grateful that one of the girls, Punler, is driven to work hard for her future with hope to climb out of poverty.

Punler, 12 years old this year, is a girl with a bright smile. She begged on the streets and had lived in our centre before. Later she returned to the village to live with her family. Since her family has to repay the bank loan every month, she always helps cut the vegetable to make money on weekdays, and also does the housework for her mom. She is a filial child.

In addition, she is also a diligent student. While attending the village school every afternoon, she also attends Metta’s classes in the morning. "The experience of my sister and brother made me even more motivated to study, because they dropped out of school early and then went out to work in the society, but their lives were very difficult. Therefore, I want to go to university in the future, so that I can find a better job. ' said Punler. She also hopes to become a teacher in the future, not only to have a stable income, but also to teach the next generation.

Although Punler no longer lives in a Metta centre, she often participates in our  activities in the village, including Bible, English, Khmer, hygiene lessons, and also the youth worship. She also planted together in our small garden! “Every time I take classes and participate in Metta’s activities, I am very happy.” Punler said excitedly. "I also knew and accepted the Lord Jesus and experienced His love and joy!"

Punler is the minority in the village who insists on studying and planning for the future. Metta hopes to help more children learn correct values and know how to plan for their future, and gradually walk out from the life of poverty.