"Make a Wish Come True" Regular Donation Program

In Christmas, everyone hopes to receive Christmas gifts, or will buy gifts for relatives and friends to express their love. In the villages we serve in Cambodia, the villagers live in hardship, with poor living condition and desperately low income. For them, what they want the most is food and daily necessities. Would you like to share love with these needy people in this Christmas under the pandemic? Have you ever thought about gifting these impoverished villagers with love and a warm Christmas?

Metta visits these villagers regularly. Apart from caring about their current situation and difficulties, we also pray for them, provide daily necessities and food to relieve their financial pressure. Every time when the villagers received the gifts, they were very happy and cherished them so much. What they feel is not only being cared psychologically, but also specifically getting help in daily life. We would like to invite you to work with us, especially at Christmas, to make their wishes come true through one off or monthly donations, so that they can receive food and daily necessities, which helps lessen the burden of their life.

You donation can bless the villagers as follows:

  • Donate HK$200 monthly can help 5 families to get food and necessities
  • Donate HK$400 monthly can help 10 families to get food and necessities


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