"Pilot Project - Outreach Service" Regular Donation Program

They are struggling for a living everyday……

“It is really difficult when I have no money, I cannot go anywhere. It is also hard to find food to eat, sometimes even no food. I have been fighting with other kids and my friends as well. Besides, I do not have enough clothes. If I have new clothes, other kids will steal it. Therefore, I wear the same clothes all the time. When I get sick, no one will look after me. As I live on the street and cannot go to school, I cannot read or write.” Sam

(Case year:2021)

Street children in Cambodia not only without the opportunity to study, but also lacking the security in daily lives. We met many children leading the lives which is same as Sam. We are upset for their hopelessness and therefore, we would like to transform their lives. Through the weekly outreach service, we bring food to these children, care about them, make them feel loved, and help them step out of the darkness.

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Monthly Donation

HK$340 Support to rebuild the life of a child.

Yearly Donation

HK$4,050 Support a year’s cost to rebuild the life of a child.


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