"Hand-in-Hand" Donation Programme

When serving the needy, we met many families struggling for lives because of poverty.  “Hand-in-Hand” donation programme has been launched to provide financial support, food, clothes to the poor, especially helping the children to go to school.   We would like to hold hands of those in need to face their difficulties and the hands of the supporters to serve together.

There is a family, the husband earns a living by catching fish, and the wife stays at home to take care of three children. They are so poor and the house is just simply built with palm trees. As time goes by, there are many small holes in the roof. When it rains, water is leaked from the holes in the roof, which seriously affect their daily lives. However, they cannot afford to buy some better materials to build the roof. We then bought canvas for them to cover the roof as a temporary rain protection measure. Of course, in the long run, we hope to improve their housing problem.

Even if it is a small action, it is a valuable gift for these villagers in a helpless situation.

(Case year:2019)

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