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Metta’s logo is composed of 4 elements : a hand, a water drop, a pottery and a leaf. The hand respresents the hand of our God which can transform life of the people. The pottery represents a blessing instrument after transformation. God is a potter who can transform our life, which just like clay, into an instrument to bless others. The water drop inside the pottery represents the life of people full of miracles and blessings from God who can change the ordinary water into the best wine (John 2). The leaf represents a life with vitality. The pottery is not an object. It is an living instrument to bring blessings to the people around.

The logo represents our willingness to work with God so as to transform the lives of the people, especially in Cambodia with His almighty power. Through our services, we aim at leading people to know Jesus Christ, the one who can change water into the best wine and offer living water to people, so that they can live out an extraordinary life in Christ.

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